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Simply put, we enjoy creating and love making others visions reality

Bolden Audio takes a piece of your book and brings it to life. If you looking for a new way to promote your best seller we can help.send us the part of your book that you feel really represents your work. We take your work and create an amazing short comic style promotional video that you can use vurtualy anywhere and especially social media.  


MP4: choice 1

1 full page,up to 8 panels of pictures, fully casted with voice actors, music, and sound effects. A complete cinematic experience.


MP3: choice 2

No panels, fully casted with voice actors, music, and sound effects. An audio book adventure.


We Take This

(A page from your book)


Panel 1:

A gunshot is fired at a rooftop nightclub in San Diego. The people on the dance floor freak out while Sam and Jake (who are both sitting down on a couch) get up and run. The couch can be blue or red in color. Sam is eighteen years old, is tall and slender with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. The girl sitting next to him is Riva (she has long, straight black hair, caramel (brown) skin, and deep brown eyes. She is also average in height). The other person in the scene is Jake. He is short, pudgy, and he has brown curly hair and brown eyes with fair skin. In this scene, they will look at each other surprised.


Dialogue would be Sam looking at Jake and saying: "They are back. They are here for me."


Panel 2:


In the next panel, everyone starts to run out of the nightclub. The gunmen disappear into the crowd, and Sam says "This is our worst nightmare come true."


Panel 3:

Riva runs ahead of both Sam and Jake (looking graceful and beautiful as she does so), everyone pushing into the staircase at the side of the auditorium. Jake is behind Sam and grabs onto him. Everyone in the night club is screaming, The lights cut off while glasses and shoes are scattered across the dance floor. 


Sam says to Jake: "I told you we shouldn't have come to the party."


Jake rolls his eyes and says back to him "Now's not the time."


Panel 4:

Sam realizes that the gunmen may have wanted everyone to run down the staircase to trap them and then shoot them inside a confined area. As a result, he pulls back and tries to grab Jake. He calls out for Riva to stop running forward in the crowd, but it's already too late.

Panel 5:

Two masked men who are dressed in all black come up behind Sam. They are well over six feet tall and extremely buff (in short, they look super intimidating). Jake screams and tries to save Jake but he is too far away in the mass of bodies.


Panel 6:

Sam tries to punch the men, but they stab a syringe into his neck that knocks him out. Then they drag his body out of the nightclub and down the sam staircase everyone is fleeing to.



(to better your project we require submissions be made in a "script format" for our artist, voice actors, and engineers.)  

And  Create This

(an amazing video or mp3)

BreakDown MP4

BreakDown MP3

BreakDown Micheal Evans
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School's out

School’s Out




(There’s a teenage girl, white, 5’5,skinny and is wearing slightly worn down/ripped black jeans, a black band shirt that says Open Casket Division, and black sneakers.)


(She is sitting at a desk in the back of a full English class. The teacher is a skinny 30 year old man, 5’10, wearing glasses, short blonde hair, beige dress shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.)




There is a project you all need to do which is to create your own narrative story and that is due 2 weeks from today. No, you can’t a 1 page story, the least amount of pages is 15 pages.




(In the back of the classroom the teenage girl’s hands start vibrating at an alarming rate as they hit repeatedly against the desk causing the whole class and the teacher to look at her in confusion while she stares at her hands and her ears start to ring, but hears screaming and sirens from what seems miles away.)




Brianna...are you okay?




(Brianna barely hears her teacher over the ringing and noises in her ears.)




Brianna! I’m asking you a question, are you okay?!






I’m...Can I be excused?!




No need to yell. You may go to the bathroom, but hurry back.


PANEL 5.1-.4


(Brianna’s hands stop vibrating and the ringing stops in her ears as she runs out of the class quickly. She runs down the hall into the girl’s bathroom. She checks to make sure she’s alone which she is and then locks the door.)




(Brianna is looking at her reflection in the mirror worried and her hands start shaking while pressing them down on the bathroom counter.)




(Brianna’s hands vibrate so much her hands go through the counter breaking it.)




(Brianna pulls her hands out from the hand holes of the counter she created and stares at her hands in concern and confusion.)




What...what is happening to me?!




(In the middle of the night, a ship is wrecked on an island shore.)



(The ship’s survivor is looking at cuts and dried blood over her arms and hands.)



(Through jungle leaves shows the survivor in torn-up clothes and bloody wounds all over her.)



Survivor: Oh, no! What happened to my ship?!?



Survivor: Hello?! Is anyone out there?



(The survivor walks toward the dark jungle.)



(Suddenly a panther jumps out from the shadows of the jungle! It lands on her, growling and bearing its teeth just in front of her face.)



(The survivor struggles to reach a nearby piece of wood that broke off from the shipwreck. She finally grabs it.)



(She impales the panther with the piece of wood in the throat, killing the panther.)



(The survivor sits up, breathing heavily. She hears a faint “help” coming from inside the jungle.)


(The woman runs into the jungle.)


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