So much more then just a photo booth!

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Interact with your party guest by letting them get in your own personal message booth.  We bring an isolation booth to your wedding and for you to leave a special message for your guest, have them leave their own personal messages and even hit them with some surprises.

leave messages

Ask questions they have to answer like:

a. Who they think is the messy one?

b. Who they think is the better cook?

c. Whos got the hottest temper

make them dance

ask what's in their pocket/pocketbook

have them reenact scenes

guess that song

guess that artist

name that movie

name that actor

And so much more, whatever you can come up with you think would entertain your guest.

Example 1: What year?

We chose to ask what year but, you can customize the question any way you want to.

Example 2: Dance break

Have your people dance for you, choose any song and watch them go

Example 3: First thing that comes to mind

pick any pictures you want and have you guest say the first thing that comes to mind

Example 4: Reenact this scene

give them any fun scene you  might want to see them reenact.

Example 3: Questions

Catch your guests off guard by asking them random questions

$700.00 Package includes 


stage 1

Pre production

*We come to your house, to record and help with production of the video or just record it yourself and send it to us.

*We edit the video and send it to you for consideration.


Stage 2

The Wedding

We come, set up in a corner at your wedding and invite your guests in


Stage 3

Post production

We edit all the audio and video


What you receive

*3 hours wedding time with isolation booth

*A DVD with all participants 

*A flash drive with all participants




* Booth videos made downloadable via website for wedding participants



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