What can do

(and a few other tricks up our sleeves)

Voice actors

We provide the voice actors for your script.

Custom sound Desighn/imaging

Give us your narrative and lines,we put together all the back ground for you.We work our magic

Cover Art

Add a cover page to your project or, if you already have one we can add the one you have in for you
Voice enhancing

BAC has the ability to enhance you voice. we can make your characters voice louder, deeper and lighter. We can also make your character sound like an alien or robot but, thats not all, contact us and find out what more we can do for your voice.  

Concept management 

Let us  help you put together your best add

Custom artwork

Do you have a script idea you think would be cool to do? let us know and we will have our

 team of writers get on it. and if you write scripts, you can contact us on how to become a writer for BAC.


Want to work with Bolden Audio


to better your project we require submissions be made in a "script format" for our artist, voice actors, and engineers.  

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