From National comic-cons to your home

Bring Bolden Audio to your home, Its simple and fun!

Having a hero or villain themed birthday party? Bolden Audio will bring in our audio video equipment (studio booth and all) and let your party goers voice their favorite villain and or hero (It's fun and funny).


What we do:

We make you the character. Choose from comics that we already have created or create a custom  six/seven panel one page comic of your own.   

example: Heros Quarrel

example: Green Nova

example: Avenge

Comics and scrips:

The examples above show just a few of the one page comics we already have available. You can choose if you want the comics "have words" or "no words".

 "Words" are good for the comics that are going to be read like the comic is scripted. "No words" are great for the comics the are going to be improvised in the audio booth. Customize your one page comic to be whatever you like, adventure, princess, villains, Hero, sci fi, and more.

Example: With Words

Example: No Words

Edited booth Footage and raw footage:

Add Edited footage of you reading your lines. feature the video of you on the booth and the scene playing at the bottom. The Raw footage of just what is recorded in the booth.

Edited footage

Raw footage

$300.00 Package includes 

*2 hours home studio time with isolation booth

*Studio footage and comics scene on USB of birthday person

*Edited studio footage of birthday person 

*Comic scenes sent via email to other birthday participants


* 1 Ready made scenes of your choice from our list

*1 laminated printout of the chosen scene


*Unedited studio footage

$5.00 per


$100.00 flat fee

*Edited studio footage

$10.00 per


$150.00 flat fee

*Comic on usb

$5.00 per USB

*Custom made scene

1 laminated printout (free)

$100.00 flat fee

*Laminated print out

$10.00 per sheet

*Scene add on


What you're comic will look like when its done!

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