Yes we can!

voice change

We can change your voice to be higher or lower, so you can sound like a fairy or a dark lord.

Scene suggestion

Do you have an idea for a scene concept? Let us know what it is, or write your own and let us put it together for you.

Script change

You don't have to stick to the script. You can create your own dialogue.


Connect with others through BAC and start projects together from anywhere.

Add more sound

Tell us what you want. If we can create it, we will add it. 


(Details soon to come)

Q&A panel

(Details soon to come)

Board Game Room

(Details soon to come)

Auction hall

(Details soon to come)

Book Store Tour


11:00 AM  |  Opening Ceremony
11:30 AM  |  Artists' Q&A Panel
12:30 AM  |  Arcade Game Match
2:00 PM  |  Anime Viewing
3:00 PM  |  Writers' Q&A Panel
4:00 PM  |  Memorabilia Auction
5:00 PM  |  Cosplay Awards
6:30 PM  |  Photo Session
7:00 PM  |  Closing Ceremony

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